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Tooth Extractions in Hamilton, ON

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is probably the most stressful dental procedure you can do. Even if you’re under heavy anesthetics, it will still be very unpleasant. Having a part of you removed is a hard pill to swallow.

King West Smiles Dentistry specializes in these procedures. While we cannot do anything about the stress and discomfort, we can make sure that the job is done right. So, when looking for emergency tooth extraction near you, make sure to contact our dentists.

Why would you need to pull out a tooth?

Tooth extraction in Hamilton, ON, is the last thing you would like to do. It is performed only when there is no other choice. In most cases, the procedure is necessary when your tooth has suffered a major trauma or decay. There is simply too much damage to repair it, so the only option is to completely remove it.

Here are the most common reasons why you would perform tooth extraction near you:

  1. Having a small jaw for your teeth is a common problem. They will start hitting each other, and you will have to make a decision to remove one or several of them. The procedure is also recommended when a tooth is unable to break through the gums.
  2. Infections are the second major issue. Usually, the problem is fixed by performing a root canal treatment. But, if the infection has progressed too far, you might be forced to remove a tooth to prevent the spread.
  3. Sometimes, the risk of infection can make it justifiable to remove a tooth.
  4. Lastly, the procedure might be necessary if a tooth is already dead.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

Before you go for tooth extraction, make sure to find reputable dentists near you. The process is very arduous, so you will need all the support you can get.

Our King West Smiles Dentistry starts the procedure by giving a patient a local anesthetic. Our dentists will proceed by cutting the bones and gums that are covering the tooth. Sometimes, a tooth will need to be broken into pieces to allow extraction.

When all of that is over, our nearby dentists in Hamilton, ON, will stitch the area and give you proper pain medication for the upcoming days.

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