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Root Canal Therapy in Hamilton, ON

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy in Hamilton, ON, is a straightforward procedure that is meant to address issues with your dental pulp. King West Smiles Dentistry often refers to this process as endodontic treatment, during which our dentists will fix the inside of a tooth.

When you perform root canal therapy near you, our local dentists will drill a hole in the troubled tooth. After that, the doctor will remove its soft center, which is referred to as pulp. This area is full of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. It is crucial for feeling hot, cold, and other sensations. When our family dentists in Hamilton, ON, remove the pulp, he will fill the space and seal it.

The treatment might involve a few other steps, such as adding a crown on top of the repaired tooth. Most dentists can do this procedure, but we suggest that you go with King West Smiles Dentistry in Hamilton, ON.

When do you need root canal therapy?

There are several reasons why you might get a root canal.

This procedure is meant to treat infected or severely damaged teeth. Decay might have affected deep layers of the tooth. Root canal therapy is also common when there is a lot of wear and tear on a tooth, or after numerous dental procedures.

Besides teeth, a root canal in Hamilton can also be used for gum diseases. You will also need to do it when changing fillings. A common problem is that bacteria start infesting the pulp and the tooth through these small cracks. A pocket will form at its end, which will start hurting and jeopardize the health of the whole tooth.

It is important to save your tooth at all costs. A root canal is a small restorative dentistry procedure that reduces further damage, and it can be done relatively quickly.

Common signs that you need a root canal

Here are some things indicating that you need a root canal:

  1. Extreme headache when biting
  2. Discoloration
  3. Swelling or tenderness of the gums
  4. Swelling of the face and neck
  5. Loose tooth
  6. Sensitivity to hot and cold
  7. Pus around the troubled tooth

No matter the issue, contact King West Smiles Dentistry so they can perform a full exam, and if needed, root canal treatment.

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