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Dental Sealants in Hamilton, ON

Dental Sealants

If you’re looking for dental sealants near you, make sure to contact King West Smiles Dentistry. Our medical experts are well versed in various dental procedures, and we can place your new dental sealants quickly and effortlessly.

Dental sealants can be utilized by anyone. These covers are a great way to protect your tooth enamel from bacteria. People who wear them are less likely to suffer from cavities and other dental issues. Our emergency dentist will check your teeth and see if these protective covers are the right thing for you.

What are dental sealants, and how can you use them?

Dental sealants are invisible, thin plastic covers that go over your teeth. They are specifically meant to cover the back teeth, given that they’re much more likely to be affected by bacteria. Unlike frontal teeth, molars are hard to clean, which is why food often gets stuck between them. When that occurs, bacteria will feed on sugars, thus creating acids that eat away healthy teeth.

One of the ways you can prevent this food buildup is by visiting King West Smiles Dentistry and performing regular dental cleaning. Even then, you can still use covers as a way of getting additional protection.

Who can wear sealants?

A dentist near you will tell you that these covers are suitable for everyone. However, they are especially great for children who haven’t developed good brushing habits. Getting a dental sealant in Hamilton, ON, from an early age means that you can avoid all the future problems that come with severe cavities.

During the procedure, our dentists will not scrape or drill your teeth. So, there will be no long-term damage. Putting a dental sealant is pretty straightforward, and you can get them off at any time. If needed, the expert will dry a sealant with a UV light fixing it in place.

While a dental sealant is a great protective measure, that doesn’t mean you should stop going for regular checkups and performing proper dental hygiene. It is worth noting that most people won’t even feel the sealants. They are transparent, which is why others won’t notice them, as well. The difference is barely noticeable under the tongue, and in time, you will get completely used to them.

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