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Dental Implants in Hamilton, ON

Dental Implants

Getting dental implants near you is never easy. The whole procedure is very stressful, no matter how you look at it. Still, you need to get a tooth implant if you wish to prevent a further loss of bone in the jaw. Dental experts categorize this procedure as prosthetic dentistry, but you can also see it as a cosmetic procedure.

Those who have lost a tooth become too shy to even smile. This is a real shame because the issue can be easily remedied by visiting King West Smiles Dentistry. When you go to our dentists, they will find the appropriate treatment and replace missing teeth so that you can eat normally once again.

Once you put in new dental implants in Hamilton, ON, you will be able to regain strength and stability in the jaw. Furthermore, the procedure will help stimulate the bone in your jaw, allowing it to work normally once again.

What causes the loss of teeth?

King West Smiles Dentistry uses implants for patients who have experienced a loss of tooth due to:

  1. Complications during root canal procedure
  2. Periodontitis
  3. Various injuries to the tooth
  4. Tooth decay
  5. Slow wear and tear
  6. Various congenital defects

Placing an implant is usually an emergency procedure. A person might be in a lot of pain and could require immediate attention. Luckily, our dentists has a lot of experience with these situations and will help any patient regardless of their dental emergency.

Do you need a dental implant?

In order to determine whether you need an implant or not, dentists near you will perform a full exam. Among others, the professional will go through all your teeth and gums, while also determining the quality of the jawbone. Commonly, dentists in Hamilton, ON, will perform an x-ray and CT scans.

Based on the situation, your dentists will suggest an optimal course of action. In order to get full mouth dental implants, a person will first have to take care of any gum or teeth issues. On top of that, you might have to stop using certain types of medication prior to the dental implant procedure.

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