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Dental Fillings in Hamilton, ON

Dental Fillings

Almost every person will need to get a dental filling at one point in their life. During this procedure, a dentist near you will remove all the decay from within the tooth and place a filling that will replace the missing tissue.

Our dentists do cavity fillings every day. It is a normal treatment that can be a bit stressful, but it is nowhere near some other dental procedures. King West Smiles Dentistry prioritizes patients’ safety and comfort so that you always feel good while doing some of these necessary fixes.

Who needs a filling?

King West Smiles Dentistry can quickly and easily determine if you need a tooth filling or not.

The first signs of a cavity can be noticed on the tooth surface. Small discoloration can indicate that there is decay on a tooth, so an expert will take an instrument and check these potential holes. Our dentists will be especially careful of sensitivity or other signs of discomfort.

In some cases, a dentist in Hamilton, ON, might even perform x-ray screening, just to be sure. The extent of the procedure will vary on the size of a cavity as well as the number of the affected teeth. A patient will receive local anesthesia that will reduce pain and discomfort.

What kinds of fillings are there?

Like many other things in the dental field, fillings have progressed over time. Nowadays, a patient can choose various types of fillings in Hamilton, ON:

  1. Gold and silver fillings have nowadays become somewhat obsolete. They are very durable but very noticeable (especially gold).
  2. Porcelain fillings are bonded to your problematic tooth. They are similar to gold fillings in terms of price, and you won’t even notice them on a tooth.
  3. Composite resin is also great because it mimics the color of your teeth. The material is great for smaller holes, and it doesn’t last long.

How does a doctor place fillings?

Our dentists will first give you anesthesia. Then, the specialist at our dental office will take a drill to remove the decay. Your dentist might even put a lining as a way of protecting the pulp. After that, the expert will proceed by placing fillings, which is done in a few steps.

King West Smiles Dentistry can do a great job with your fillings, so make sure to call us today!

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