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Dental Exams & Cleanings in Hamilton, ON

Dental Exams & Cleanings

Every once in a while, a person should get a dental exam and cleaning. These are the most common but crucial procedures ensuring that your teeth are as beautiful as ever. During exams, our dentists near you can detect potential issues and assess the state of your teeth. Cleaning is great for removing plaque, tartar, and microbes.

King West Smiles Dentistry does these procedures several times a day. Our dental office is especially proficient at detecting potential problems as soon as they appear. That way, our dentists can react quickly and eliminate the threat before it escalates.

What does a dental exam include?

Dental exams and cleanings in Hamilton, ON, are routine procedures, but you should still do them at a reputable clinic such as King West Smiles Dentistry.

During a dental exam, our dentists will check for a wide variety of problems. The procedure needs to be thorough and address every possible issue. During the exam, the expert will check for signs of:

  1. Cavities
  2. Cracks and chips
  3. Inflammation and infection
  4. Various gum diseases
  5. Oral cancer

None of these issues should be neglected as dental problems tend to escalate over time. Even a small cavity can grow and create a huge dent in your tooth after a while. Things such as bumps and discoloration are often overlooked, but they can indicate a larger problem like cancer.

Why would I need teeth cleaning?

Dental cleaning is much more than simple brushing of the teeth. A dentist near you will use specialized equipment and products that are much better than the stuff we get in local pharmacies. Furthermore, an expert knows what is important and where to focus the effort.

There are several steps to cleaning:

  1. Removal of tartar and plaque is the first thing that dentists will do. Each section of the mouth will be properly taken care of, including space between teeth, the surface of teeth, and the area around gums.
  2. The dental professional will now polish the surface, ensuring that it stays clean and shiny.
  3. During flossing, our dentists will remove everything stuck between the teeth.
  4. Rinsing is the next step, during which a patient will rinse their teeth with liquid fluoride.
  5. Lastly, we have fluoride treatment. During this procedure, an expert will take special trays and briefly place them over your teeth.

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