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Dental Crowns in Hamilton, ON

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a protective layer that is added on top of your tooth. It is meant to “fill” the missing part of a tooth. The treatment is pretty simple, painless, and it shouldn’t cause too much stress. This is especially true if you decide to get crowns at a reputable family dental clinic such as King West Smiles Dentistry.

The main reason why you should get a crown is so that you can restore the tooth to its previous functionality and appearance. With it, you will be able to chew normally, without having to worry about causing further damage.

Who should get a dental crown?

Our dentists near you will suggest a dental crown if you need to:

  1. Cover an implant, discoloration, or poorly shaped tooth
  2. Support a tooth with a large filling when there is very little natural structure remaining
  3. Protect weak teeth from taking further damage or restore a damaged tooth
  4. Create a bridge over missing teeth
  5. Replace a filling that is damaged

Whether you should get a crown or not depends on a specific case. Some dentists in Hamilton, ON, will recommend a crown even when you don’t actually need it. This is why you need to place your trust in experienced, trustworthy professionals such as King West Smiles Dentistry.

What kind of material is used for dental crowns?

When you go with a dental crown near you, there is an option to choose the material. A patient can go with things such as metals, porcelain, ceramics, or composite resin. The material determines the price of the procedure, as well as your future tooth’s appearance, strength, and durability.

There are several things you need to consider when choosing the material for a crown:

  1. The function and the location of a tooth
  2. Where are your gums placed compared to the tooth and the future crown?
  3. How much tooth shows when you smile?
  4. The natural color of the surrounding teeth

Before our dentists start the procedure, our expert will suggest a few options. Almost every material can be used, but there will be some differences in the end results. Some people prefer going with natural materials as they will last longer. Things like porcelain and resin are easier to mask.

Anyway, make sure to consult with our dentists before proceeding with the treatment.

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