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Dental Bridges in Hamilton, ON

Dental Bridges

As the name implies, bridges are meant to create a bridge between missing teeth. A dental bridge is a structure that allows the placement of crowns. Several crowns will be placed on both sides of the gap.

Two teeth will serve as anchors, and we refer to them as abutment teeth. There will also be a false tooth between them. We call these false teeth pontics, and dentists near you can make them from porcelain, gold, resin, or mixed materials. In order for a bridge to remain in place, it will have to be supported by either dental implants or natural teeth.

Given the complexity of the procedure, you should do it at a reputable clinic like King West Smiles Dentistry.

What are the main advantages of bridges?

Like all other dental procedures, when you get a dental bridge in Hamilton, ON, you will be able to restore the esthetic appearance and functionality of your teeth. Here are some of the main benefits you will experience after getting a bridge:

  1. Having a nicer, younger smile and appearance
  2. Restoring your natural ability to speak and chew
  3. Fixing the shape of your face
  4. With additional teeth, you will be able to distribute pressure that was affecting the existing ones
  5. A dental bridge will keep your existing teeth in place and prevent them from falling into gaps

What does the procedure look like?

Dentists in Hamilton, ON, will start the procedure by preparing abutment teeth. King West Smiles Dentistry will fine-tune the teeth by scraping some of the enamel and preparing the space for a new crown. Our dentists will make impressions of the teeth and use them as a model for a bridge. Besides the bridge, our dental office will also create crowns and pontic. A patient will get a temporary bridge that will serve to protect the gums and teeth while the real one is made.

During the next visit, our dentists will take out this temporary bridge and place a permanent metal or porcelain bridge instead. The expert will check if it fits well and whether it needs some additional adjustments.

Whether it’s a bridge or some other procedure, King West Smiles Dentistry will meet all your dental needs.

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