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Dental Bonding in Hamilton, ON

Dental Bonding

Bonding is just the right procedure for people with chipped and broken teeth. When you perform tooth bonding in Hamilton, ON, you can restore the previous appearance and functionality of your damaged teeth. They will be as strong as ever, and you should no longer experience any trouble when chewing food.

Bonding is also an amazing solution for people who are suffering from bruxism. Stress doesn’t stop at night, which is why some patients tend to grind their teeth while sleeping. The sooner you perform bonding, the sooner you can prevent further damage to teeth.

What is teeth bonding?

When a dentist near you performs tooth bonding, they will make sure that your damaged tooth is restored to its previous shape. It is done by adding specific materials, such as synthetic resin, on top of your existing chipped tooth. Besides damaged teeth, our dentists in Hamilton, ON, can do this procedure in order to fill big gaps between teeth or to elongate shortened teeth.

King West Smiles Dentistry will make sure that your new tooth resembles the old one. The shape and color will be completely the same, which is why it will be hard for onlookers to notice signs of dental treatment. The whole process will be done within an hour, allowing you to go back to your daily duties as if nothing has happened.

What are the main benefits of tooth bonding?

Besides the fact that our dental office can restore the functionality of your tooth, there are some other benefits to this treatment:

  1. Given that our dentists will not use the same material as for an implant, the procedure will be much cheaper. Composite bonding teeth are not as intrusive as drilling or root canal treatment, which is why you will barely notice it.
  2. By going over the dental material with a UV light, our dentists will ensure that the resin sticks to your tooth. In fact, you won’t have to do another bonding for at least several years.
  3. There are no side effects or discomfort. The procedure is pretty straightforward, and you won’t feel the consequences, such as pain, when the bonding is done.
  4. By performing bonding, you can restore the natural look of your smile.

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